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therapeutic bodywork

alternative self-care practice that uses gentle hands-on techniques to help re-pattern and accelerate healing of the physcial body, mind, emotional body and spirit


the modalities

Craniosacral and polyvagal therapy are gentle, non-invasive, hands-on touch therapies that benefit whole-body health, support the treatment of a multitude of conditions, and are effective for infants, children, and adults. 

Based on theories in modern neuroscience, osteopathy, and ancient Eastern wisdom, these modalities recognize that human beings are fields of energy in constant interaction with others and the environment. A gentle approach to relieving restrictions in the body and increasing the nervous system’s capacity for health, harmony, and well-being.

The body naturally seeks homeostasis — craniosacral and vagus nerve support facilitate this balance. When one experiences restriction or trauma, whether from conception, through a challenging birth, a physical accident, or any emotional shock to the nervous system, the body alters its priority from health to survival mode.

The sooner that trauma, shock, and restriction are released from the body, the easier and smoother the healing process. Learn regulation skills for a renewed, safe, and nourishing connection with your body. 


more about craniosacral
& polyvagal 

During a session, feel held as we "listen" through the layers of the body - to the bones, tissues, and fluids as they unwind and return to stillness. The focus is on body awareness, mindfulness, and self-regulation through co-regulation, leading to increased resiliency and stress relief of your systems. Safety = success. Regaining authenticity in body, mind, and spirit leads to flow.

The word "craniosacral" comes from the membrane system that surrounds the central nervous system (CNS) and connects the cranium (head) to the sacrum (base of the spine). Methods of treatment are based on Franklyn Sills's Biodynamic Approach to Craniosacral Therapy. Polyvagal therapy is based on the teachings of Kathy Kain and Stephen Porges. 


We contact the essence of life within through presence touching presence, with no force from the outside, as the system shifts to wholeness and primary respiration. By building a relationship with fluid tissue, shock will move and the central nervous system will clear. Inherent health emerges by uncovering what the whole self needs to rest in alignment and express as the true self. 

Optional dialogue and verbal processing can occur during sessions, establishing communication with the inner self and major organs associated with the autonomic nervous system. Explore where emotion or experience is stored in the body to be released.

Especially helpful for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and developmental or early-life trauma.
Read what a session is like here. 

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