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Sanskrit word meaning to yoke, connect, join or unite with source

the aim of the practice

to balance our internal system through a methodical combination of asanas (postures), pranayama (vital energy/breath work) and Vedic philosophy - leading to achieved relaxation on and off your mat. together we will journey to cultivate meditation, flexibility, strength, body awareness, patience, compassion, creativity and vital energy flow, among many other byproducts of yoga.

Yoga by the river
tantra flow

depending on the class, we begin with a gentle warm-up specifically designed to calibrate our bodies and align our bones. these shorter yoga practices include Dand Flow: strengthening series, Viyama: standing series, Surya Namaskar: sun salutation, and hip-opening forward bending series. the main focus in traditional yoga flow is preparing yourself in a way that allows you to feel in your body, in alignment as you settle your system. simple practices you can take with you.

tri dosha series

these core asanas are the primary element of Traditional Tantra Yoga. this sequence takes place entirely on the ground at a slow pace, encouraging meditation and relaxation, similar to a restorative yoga practice. the asanas are held to lengthen+deepen, each one building upon the last, for an overall euphoric and calming body sensation. physically and mentally challenging yet perfect for all levels. final shavasana concludes each practice, offering the space to reset and honor ourselves.

Ayurvedic walking massage
ayurvedic alignment

experience stress melt away as your bones align and vital energy (prana/qi) flows. through a combination of Ayurvedic massage techniques, the three main channels of subtle energy (meridians/nadis) release all blockages, toxins and lymphatic waste, to improve overall wellness and ease of body function. walking massage and bone alignment offered as a pre-yoga or standalone treatment.

opportunities to learn the techniques at a workshop (see Workshops).


more on the yoga...

explore an ancient yogic practice, led through the lens of traditional Tantra Yoga, as taught by Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha of Shri Kali Ashram and Tantra Mela. derived directly from the Indian life science of Ayurveda (Artharva Veda, 1200 BC). as we relax, our subconscious mind takes precedence allowing for our return to the zero state, where we express our essential selves.

through continued practice, we become reset by the metaphysical system and open up to achieving a wholesome life culture. feeling alive in our bodies and living from this place throughout our day. traditional yoga is a space for total freedom of expression and balancing body, mind and spirit as we develop a culture of mastery and flow rather than stress and struggle.

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