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Learn to develop a culture of mastery and flow,
rather than stress and struggle.

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, repetitive, or uninspiring. Past experiences and daily stress can fill our minds and bodies with heaviness and tension. Major life transitions, dysregulation, and physical or emotional wounds all deserve to be given air and light to breathe.

That’s why I created Tulua Healing Arts, to hold space for self-exploration, discovery, expression and sharing our journey with those we love. Tula loosely translates to balance in Sanskrit and Tulua is said to mean rising in Arabic. Find your balance as we rise together. ♡ Taylor


Ancient wisdom brought to light through a traditional yoga practice and other holistic teachings. Implement simple relaxation methods and beneficial stretching into your daily life.


Physical and emotional support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Free of judgment packed with love.


At the heart of everything I do is learning and sharing. Psycho-social-emotional wellness, yogic practices and principles, birth and babies are my specialties.


There are many paths up the mountain. I seek to help you discover yours, and the endless possibilities to be uncovered along the way.


Love Notes

Taylor has been a true gift to our family. We met Taylor prior to the birth of our 2nd daughter and having learnt of her background as a postpartum doula, yoga instructor, and various fields of personal development we felt she was the answer to our prayer during the fog of postpartum. Taylor provided support to our family as we navigated our new reality, never judging the messiness of it all and always offering a tenderness that has been so welcomed during this delicate chapter for our family. Taylor has become “the village” helping our family raise the strong, creative, kind and aware young ladies we feel encouraged to nurture. I can’t speak highly enough towards the person Taylor is and the light she shines into this world by living in alignment with her highest self.

-Lauren, mama of 2 incredibly spirited little girls

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